The Merman Theater Songbook is a dynamic, minimalist and highly effective show in terms of production elements and staging.



This dynamic and skilfully designed set was created by Australia’s Damien Muller and is an image of the great Ethel Merman.


The well known image is layered at intervals at three stages up stage to create an effective and powerful backdrop for this classic musical revue.


The set bumps in with a small vehicle and can be freighted at minimal  expense and labour and simply hangs from a most elementary fly system of a theater. If a fly system isn’t available reach out to our technical team as it can be adjusted to become a free standing single image backdrop for the show.

A grand piano is required for the stage and sits downstage right. This would be supplied by the venue and all costumes and props are supplied by Acoustic Voice. A very simple lighting plot is available and the show is able to run from a very rudimentary lighting set up if required.

As the Acoustic Voice performers require no amplification, an audio system is not required if the venue has adequate reverberation. This reduces the cost whilst creating a truly ‘Live’ experience for the audience members.



Please contact for more information.